You should wash it before wearing it, even they've never been worn by anyone else. There is a preservative on the clothes. It is meant to prevent the clothes from picking up body odor from people when they try things on and reduce wrinkling. Personally, I don't trust that substance to be all that safe. » 12/21/14 11:16am Yesterday 11:16am

I would have at least made her pay the wholesale value of the product (I assume that $300 was the retail value of the bite). I'd like to think that most of us know free samples when we see them . . . because they are usually in a bowl with a sign saying 'free samples'. » 12/20/14 2:27pm Saturday 2:27pm

Yeah. I'm pretty certain that the fuck you to Cuba that Gitmo has only ever existed to be is probably on the list of expectations that the Cuban gov't has. I just assume that is why the USA gov't has spent $150 million a year on a base that doesn't have a worthwhile strategic value. » 12/20/14 2:21pm Saturday 2:21pm