According to the forthcoming report on the Justice Department's investigation into the Ferguson, Mo. police department for alleged civil rights violations, the department has demonstrated a history of racial profiling that has intensified race relations in the St. Louis suburb. » 3/02/15 9:35am Monday 9:35am

I know. One of the most defining aspects of Harry is that he has been downtrodden so he is a kinder, more sympathetic person. He reaches out to Ron and Hermione because they don't fit in either. I would also wonder if he would be as kind to the house elves like Dolby. » 3/01/15 5:10pm Sunday 5:10pm

The thing is, if I was going to buy a bmw, I'd want something from when BMWs actually looked distinct and cool. It might not be the most powerful car, but I hate what aerodynamics has done to cars. Yes, it makes the fuel efficient and all that, but all the cars on the road today look the same. » 3/01/15 12:54pm Sunday 12:54pm